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Sharon E.

January 2021

I am a paralegal and the attorneys I work for rely on me to meet their judicially imposed filing deadlines on time, correctly, and in a cost-effective manner.  I rely on Cookie's Court Support; they come through when it counts and will get a hold of you immediately if any issues arise with your court filing, and will do what they can to complete the job before the Clerk's window closes.  Cookie's Court Support also does fantastic process serving work, whether it's a gated community, an eviction, or an attorney's office.  Thank you Cookie's Court Support for making me look good!

Jonathan Y.

July 2020

I've gone to court a few times regarding different issues and its always been tough to deal with especially because i have no background in dealing with the court and now the courts are more difficult than ever because of covid and the lack of self help. I was left confused and frustrated until i came across Cookie Court Support. It was the best thing that could of happened to me. They were very Professional, experienced and compassionate in helping me get threw this tough time. I fully recommend Cookie Court Support to any one i come across and I appreciate all the time and support I received from them.

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